Inner Voice, Inner Psychic, Intuition And Everything In Between

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There's a lot of talk nowadays on the ability to receive guidance from our intuition, our inner voice and some even call it our inner psychic. So how is one to discern what these all mean and which one would be best for their business?

My personal conviction is that you were born and equipped with all that you need, from birth, to become all that you were designed to be. Your job is to live a life of love, forgiveness and good will so that achieving a life of good fortune comes naturally!

Your Intuition as a woman is not something to take lightly. Medical doctors oftentimes call on mothers and their "Sixth Sense" when it comes to decision- making in critical matters with children. Solomon gave wisdom to two mothers in the Bible when they both claimed to be the true birth mother of a child. He knew the one who was truly the birth mother would be willing to relinquish her child for his life to be spared- so the decision to 'cut the child in half and you can both share him that way' was a call to the Intuition that would give the answer they all knew existed!

Is your Inner Voice or Intuition something you can sharpen and exercise? There are courses on how to sharpen your Inner Psychic on the market. While I would not tend to be one to steer in that direction I do know that the clients I've worked with who sharpen their Intuition just like they exercise their body achieve bigger breakthroughs in life and business, have more confidence and inner peace than those who are just attempting to 'guess' their way through life.

So how do you sharpen and mature your Intuition? Keeping a journal is a great start. Jot down all initial thoughts when making a decision. Follow your "gut" and what it's telling you and note how things pan out. Just like walking and running the muscle of your Inner Voice will grow strong, clear and much more effective the more you use it.

Practice solitude and learning to rest, relax and breathe deep. For some women just taking a hot bath and training their mind to not think at all about anything for one hour each week will sharpen their Intuition. For others journaling and writing out the pros and cons in the process of growth and decision making will be key.

The bottom line however is to take action. I'm not one to chant and meditate and bring myself into a state of awareness that I'm no longer in control of. But I am one who will listen to the voice of 'heaven' that comes through my Intuition and my own personal Inner Voice. It has served me very well and has given me great courage in very many challenging situations!

Listen to your Intuition, it's trying to talk to you!


How can you best encourage others to follow their intuition and honor it as they do? What if you don't agree with what they believe their intuition is telling them?

This is a huge issue for many women and sadly, it works to silence, not empower, their own "Inner Direction." There's a rule in the law of success that states that whatever you hand out will come back to you. Many of us already know this. But maybe you didn't realize that the very area that you seek to control, dominate and direct someone else is the area that you need to listen to your own personal Intuition the most.

Have you ever had a close friend or relative give you the latest details of what they feel is their intuition, their plan and their goal for business? And the first thing that pops into your head is, "OH my gosh! That is so wrong and it won't work!"

Now I'm not saying that everything that pops into your head is in line with a healthy belief system but I am telling you to look for clues. The CLUE here is: You may personally feel as though everyone tries to silence your intuition. So when someone close to you asks for your opinion it doesn't seem right but it happens time and time again...... you shoot their ideas down! It's time to change that!

Ask yourself, "Do I trust my Intuition?" If the answer is an instant no than you are onto something huge. This could be the core reason that you don't trust the Intuition or Inner Voice of others as well.

Learn to listen to your own Intuition. Give yourself room to make mistakes. Growing requires some stretching, we've discussed that before! Soon enough
you'll find yourself giving the same 'growing room' to those around you. It's a very empowering way to live!

Oprah's expert influencer Dr. Robin asks this question: "Who has influence over your decisions in life? Is it you--or is someone else giving you positive or negative feedback that affects your choices and your self-image? Dr. Robin asks: Who is in your ear?"

Every day we are all being influenced and we are influencing. I'm here to help you to be your best everyday!!
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Inner Voice, Inner Psychic, Intuition And Everything In Between

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This article was published on 2011/01/07